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"Les petits pesked" (the small fishes in Breton) is the ideal lesson to introduce the youngest to the joys of surfing. Supervised by Germain, who specializes in lessons for the little ones, everything is done to allow children to discover their first sensations in the waves, and learn the right gestures in the marine environment in complete safety. From 5 years.


The lessons are supervised by instructors with a State Surfing Certificate as well as a National Security and Sea Rescue Certificate on waves adapted to their level of practice in order to ensure a safe experience. An aquatic ease test will also be carried out by the instructor at the start of the course.


The groups, made up only of children of the same age group (5 to 8 years old) are framed in small waves close to the shore.  

Learning is done in a fun way using exercises and group games.

Germain will always be by their side in the water to help them choose and catch the right waves. 



A wide range of safe foam boards (equipped with soft fins) allow risk-free practice even for the little ones. The 4/3mm full suits will allow them to stay warm throughout the session.

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