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Private lessons are ideal if you want to discover the joys of surfing or deepen your level of practice in a small group with special attention from the instructor. In groups of up to 3 people, you will surf in complete safety and receive individual personalized advice at the end of each wave.

Would you like to receive expert advice to get off to a good start or to correct shortcomings in your practice? This is the course for you!

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The lessons are supervised by instructors with a State Surfing Certificate as well as a National Sea Safety and Rescue Certificate on waves adapted to your level of practice in order to ensure a safe experience. With us, you can surf with your eyes closed (or almost).


Classes are made up of a maximum of 3 students. The instructor will devote special attention and assistance to you .  You will receive in-depth technical advice at the end of each wave so that you can quickly identify and correct your weak points.

You will also be accompanied in the water to help you spot and catch the right waves.


We provide you with a wide range of boards adapted to your size as well as your level of practice and the conditions of the day. We have a wide choice of foam boards ideal for beginners as well as progressive resin boards to improve your skills.  The 4/3mm full suits will allow you to stay warm throughout the session.

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